image: a score for a song, by two memory pup clusters

Title : A Song, by Two Memory Pup Clusters

Description of Artwork :
        Two geometric clusters of small sculptural circuits connected by colorful alligator clips are placed on the floor. Each cluster is spotlit by a daylight LED bulb within a chrome pendant lamp suspended from the ceiling, approximately eight inches above the ground. Two black speakers are placed facing upward in opposite corners of the room, each one connected to a cluster by a long black cable. The room is filled with soft pulsing feedback tones generated by electronic white noise, ambient light, and acoustic audio.

Materials :
    - Memory Pup Cluster A
        - Five Memory Pups
        - One Acoustic Ear
        - Aligator Clips
        -  Solar Charged Lithium Polymer Battery
    - Memory Pup Cluster B
        - Three Memory Pups
        - Aligator Clips
        - Solar Charged Lithium Polymer Battery
        - Two Hanging Incubation Lamps with LED Daylight Floods
        - Two 1/8” Headphone-RCA Cables
    - Two Focal CMS 65 Monitors
    - Ambient Room Light
    - Breath
    - Shadows (moving & static)

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