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Sollusflute B (square2)
A member of the SOL instrument family, the sollusflutes are solar powered drones and chanting instruments divided into two distinct model groupings: B and S models, both of which have variations within their respective groupings. 

B Models: Today, the B models constitute what were the original sollusflutes. They are featured on SOLLUS (Trio) and Rev.WEB solo recordings from 2015 - present.

These flutes are both drones and chanters all in one: a passively active instrument subject to long, noisy, melodic, and harmonic phrases.

The B models contain a single solar panel which powers a signal generator (available as a fixed square2, sine, or sine+saw wave). The instrument acts as a drone (in the presence of light, with variations of functionality occuring within different lightscapes) and the fundamental frequency is tuned via two knobs (square2 = frequency1 and frequency// sine or sine+saw = wide sweep and fine tuning). Upon making contact with the the fixed brass mouthpiece and two brass bars, the instrument utilizes the body as a determinant of frequency (and timbre, depending on the chosen wave form), stirring the instrument from its droning sleep and awakening it into an active chanting mode. 

S Models: Designed and constructed in 2018 (with ongoing prototyping), the S model sollusflutes employ a modular style.